Up to a Foot of Rain in Florida

Over the last few days, a tropical wave developed in the Caribbean Seas, eventually moving into the Gulf of Mexico. Inside the Gulf, the wave organized enough to be declared an official invest Tuesday morning by the National Hurricane Center (NHC). This means that it has the potential to become a tropical cyclone.

Rainfall totals

The wave is forecasted to dump a tremendous 8-12 inches of rain, with the number increasing as time went on. Rain fell from Monday night, and will last until Thursday morning. Primarily Southern Florida will be drenched with rain all throughout the work week, but nearly all of the region will see some sort of thunder.


Currently, flood watches have been issued for almost half the state and rain is already falling. However, this does look like it will improve the drought issue in Southwestern Florida, which is at least one good takeaway. The NHC is still tracking the system for possible tropical cyclone development, although conditions are unfavorable at this time. If anything does occur though, we’ll post updates here as necessary. You can also follow along with the latest tropical outlooks here. As always, stay safe!

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