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The Xtreme Weather Discord is dedicated to creating a community that thrives on positivity, safety, and enjoyment for all its members. When you become a part of XWD, you accept and agree to the following guidelines to ensure a welcoming atmosphere. It’s essential to note that these guidelines apply not only to Text Channels but also extend to Voice Chat if applicable. Your cooperation plays a crucial role in maintaining the friendly community we aim to cultivate here.

Show respect to everyone

Always show respect to all members of XWD; regardless of your feelings towards them, and never bully, harass, discriminate, or severely troll other fellow members.

No NSFW content

XWD maintains a strict prohibition on any form of explicit content, including but not limited to pornography, adult material, NSFW (Not Safe For Work), or NSFL (Not Safe For Life) content.

Don’t cause, create, or participate in drama

Any form of drama is not allowed in XWD. Some blacklisted members and communities may trigger our AutoMod to enforce this guideline further.

No spammy content

Any form of spamming in any channel, including: emoji, text walls, mentions, chain walls, GIFs, videos, etc., is not allowed. Copypastas and other content that may be considered spammy may trigger our AutoModeration.

English only

XWD’s primary language is English, our Staff cannot understand other languages, so your message(s) will be removed.

Don’t bypass AutoMod

Our advanced Auto-Moderation system helps keep XWD safe at all times without Staff intervention. If your message was flagged by AutoMod, don’t bypass it by sending any screenshots of the flagged message(s). If your message was flagged by mistake, please contact Staff.

No misinformation

Weather misinformation, as well as other types of misinformation should be kept out of XWD at all times, especially during Coverage Modes.

Guideline enforcement

All enforcement on XWD depends on the circumstances of your actions, the situation, and your moderation history. Staff may punish you even if you haven’t broken one of the listed guidelines, if they consider it appropriate. If you feel like your punishment was too harsh, contact us, or appeal your ban.

Have questions?

Have questions about our guidelines? Contact us!

Tropical outlooks are now available on our Weather Resources page!
Check them out now and stay prepared this hurricane season!
Tropical outlooks are now available!
Check them out and stay prepared!
View Outlooks View Outlooks
View Outlooks View Outlooks