Coverage Modes

Different weather, different coverage

Below is our lineup of Coverage Modes we offer when a significant weather event occurs that falls under the criteria.

Severe Coverage Mode

Severe Coverage Mode (SCM), is enabled if a significant severe weather event is occurring.

Day 1 High-End ENH, MDT, or HIGH convective risk issued by the SPC

Day 1 HIGH risk for Excessive Rainfall issued by the WPC

Subtle SCM activations

3+ PDS Tornado Warnings or 1+ Tornado Emergency

1 or more Flash Flood Emergency issuance

Winter Coverage Mode

Winter Coverage Mode (WCM), is enabled if a significant winter weather event is occurring.

Severe winter storm that is expected to last multiple days

12-18 inches of snow expected in some areas

Subtle WCM activations

3 or more Blizzard Warnings in effect

Tropical Coverage Mode

Tropical Coverage Mode (TCM), is enabled if a significant tropical weather event is occurring.

Tropical event that is expected to make significant impacts

Hurricane Warning or Watch issuance