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About XWD

Want to learn more about XWD? You’re in the right place! You can find our history, frequently asked questions, Staff Team, and more.

Our History


On June 7th, 2022, the first XWD server was made! We quickly amassed over 500 members and had a growing community of weather analysts, and enthusiasts alike. However, this was our first time running a Discord server and we weren’t sure how to setup permissions, so that original server was raided & unfortunately ended up getting deleted. Quickly after, we setup a new server and this one was smaller but had better security. We continued to grow slowly and reached over 800 members!


2023 was the biggest year for XWD by far, unfortunately, we had a corrupt administrator who took over the server & rebranded it to another one without our permission. This server is now blacklisted and obsolete by now. So, on April 19th, 2023, we created the XWD you know and love today. We now offer so much more than we did, and I am happy to say that this server isn’t going anywhere.


XWD has already gained over 3,500 new members this year, and now has a new weather alerts category, even more channels to express yourself, an updated website, and so much more. We seriously can’t thank you enough for all of the growth and support we’ve received.

Frequently Asked

Questions? We have answers.

All of our frequently asked questions can be found below. Can’t find your question? Let us know.

What are Coverage Modes?

When XWD enters a Coverage Mode, we are doing specific coverage of a significant weather event. Learn more about Coverage Modes here.

What radars do @wxtership use?

If you have an idea or feedback for the server, we’re happy to hear what you think! To submit a suggestion, you can create a post in our suggestion forum.

Meet Our Staff

Meet our Staff members

We’re a small team of people who help keep the Xtreme Weather Discord running smoothly.

Server Owner

XWD Leadership

XWD Leadership

XWD Leadership

XWD Staff

XWD Staff

XWD Staff

XWD Staff

XWD Staff

XWD Staff

Tropical outlooks are now available on our Weather Resources page!
Check them out now and stay prepared this hurricane season!
Tropical outlooks are now available!
Check them out and stay prepared!
View Outlooks View Outlooks
View Outlooks View Outlooks