A Historic and Unprecedented Heat Wave

A dangerous, unprecedented, and potentially historic heat wave is currently ongoing in portions of the United States, mainly stretching across the Northeast and Central parts of the country. Here’s what you need to know

How significant are we talking?

Many people saying that this will be the hottest stretch of heat that has been seen in over three decades, and this is even before summer officially starts. Excessive heat watches and warnings as well as numerous heat advisories are being issued throughout various locations stretching from Iowa to Maine. We haven’t had temperatures like this in quite a while to say the least, especially in the Northeast. Compared to last year we didn’t have anywhere near this level of heat for this length of time, especially this early. The heat wave is mainly due to the fact that a high-pressure bridge and a heat dome related to it has developed across much of the northern United States and points east.

When will the heat let up?

The heat wave is expected to stretch into the early weekend, with no major signs of cooling down. While the ’90s are expected to end for some areas by Saturday and Sunday, temperatures ranging in the ’80s can still be possible for the foreseeable future, as models indicated for the 6 to 10 day and the 8 to 14 day expected thresholds put much of the United States in above average conditions, with only portions of Texas and Mexico being areas at or below average. Regardless of if you’re in a heat advisory, excessive heat watch, or warning, it is to be advised to drink plenty of water, and to try and avoid strenuous activities to early morning, or evening hours. Stay safe out there.

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