2024 Solar Eclipse

On April 8th 2024, a total solar eclipse will be passing over the United States and Mexico, here is what to expect.


The eclipse will go over Mexico around 2 PM EDT, and will travel through it for roughly half an hour. Remember that these eclipses will be very quick. Here’s the timing of when larger population centers will experience the eclipse:

Kerrville, Texas — 2:35 PM EDT
Dallas, Texas — 2:40 PM EDT
Little Rock, Arkansas — 2:50 PM EDT
Indianapolis, Indiana — 3:05 PM EDT
Cleveland, Ohio — 3:15 PM EDT

The eclipse will go over Lake Erie and go through northern parts of the New England area and Canada. It will end up exiting the United States at
3:40 PM EDT.

Safety & Preparedness

These eclipses are pretty uncommon with the last one being in 2017, and can be very fun to see.
However, it’s always important to be prepared. You can buy eclipse glasses from your local retailer or online, and you can also buy photo lens filters for better photos on your phone. Speaking of phones, it may not be a good idea to take photos without lens filters because it can damage your phone’s camera. It is also very important to buy eclipse glasses because looking at the sun can cause temporary blindness and can have long term side-effects.


This is definitely a rare opportunity to see a total solar eclipse, so make sure to have fun! Always remember to put your safety first though.

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